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Our Most Asked Questions

I just purchased a new or like new car there’s no reason for me to have it polished?

 WRONG! The dealership/local car wash is the worst place to have your new or like new car polished/detailed! After that long boat ride, train ride, or sitting on a car hauler for weeks you should strip all old contaminants by clay barring, polishing and then waxing,sealing or coating. We can do that for you!

Lets try to get a better understanding of what polishing a car paint surface and waxing does for your auto body paint. Proper preparation involves three key steps: The first step: firmly bonded surface contaminants are removed by clay barring to leave painted surfaces feeling perfectly smooth. The second step: sub surface defects sitting below the paint surface are removed by polishing the paint with the required products. This process removes paint defects and enhances surface gloss in preparation for the final addition of paint protection. Lastly, we will coat the sufrace with a coating of your choice. (Wax, Sealant or Paint Coating.)

Are waxing and polishing the same? No. Polishing will greatly enhance surface gloss and remove paint defects, but offers no protection from the harsh elements. However, waxing your paint surface is equal to putting sun screen on your body (protection from the sun and other harmful elements).

After having my car/suv detailed elsewhere, I then noticed swirl marks and buffer trails in the paint surface, why? This problem is mostly noticed on darker colored cars, but can be on any color surface.

Here at the Superior Auto Salon Mobile Detailing , we do not use rotary machines (which causes swirl marks/buffer trails). We pride ourselves in non-production work and do not use or promote cover up products. When your car/suv is finished by Superior Auto Salon Mobile Detailing and you wash your unit a week later, you will see the same results and continue to maintain a swirl free surface.

Is washing my car once a week okay?  Of course! Here at Superior Auto Salon we offer weekly maintenance packages to keep your car in tip-top shape.

I wash and wax my vehicle weekly and I still have signs of clear coat failure? Clear coat failure is caused by improper paint maintenance. Firmly bonded surface contaminants that are not removed at least once a month with a clay bar, will cause wax to bond to contaminants and not your clear coat surface, CAUSING PREMATURE FAILURE.

This lack of care causes CHECKING in your clear coat finish. Checking is caused by lack of oils and lubricants applied to your clear coat finish properly, and looks like fine scratches in your clear coat. Checking cannot be removed without repainting, costing you thousands of dollars and down time of your vehicle..


About Our Company

Superior Auto Salon takes pride in how your vehicle looks and stays with our Mobile Auto Detailing Service. We come to you! We carry everything that we need to complete a quality job each and every time. Whether you are in need of Mobile Auto Detailing, Boat/Watercraft Detailing or RV detailing, we have you covered.

We keep our rates competitive and offer several packages for ongoing service. Once you experience the difference we provide, you will always come back and we guarantee all of our work!


What We Offer

- Mobile Auto Detailing

- Mobile Boat and Marine Craft Detailing

- Motorcycle, RV and Trailer Detailing

- Pressure Cleaning

- Mobile Fleet Washing

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